2017 Mom vibes

Interview me.

Let’s be real interviews are nerve wrecking. Whether you’ve been a stay at home mom for years or if your switching careers. I have had the pleasure of  being interviewed many times and also being the interview conductor. Any time I had ever went into an interview I have always received a call back. So, I figured this may help out others heading into the stressful environment of an interview.

First things first always dress the part. Even if the company seems like they maybe more of a relaxed corporation still dress the part of an interview. First impressions are very important.

Next, have a game plan most of an interview is getting to know you personally and getting to know what your about. Read over your resume. It seems silly but sometimes you can forget all the amazing qualities you possess.

Do not feel shy or uncomfortable. Be confident who knows you better than yourself.

You are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. 

From being on the other side of the table in an interview I have noticed a few things that many people do that should not be afraid to do.

Be open and honest ask questions. Find out what type of management style your boss possess, ask the awkward questions! Like what is the turn over ratio. Why did the person in this position prior leave the company?

From an interviewer stand point you want to hear in-depth questions about your company because that means that the person you’re interviewing is a serious candidate they want to find a company they can call home.

It costs a company more money to fire and re hire than it does to train an employee. I’m saying that because if you possess the personality they are looking for and the longevity then that might be their deciding factor.

A few things I would not touch on in the first interview. What is the pay? What are the benefits? How much time off is there? These types of questions are for HR and if there is a second interview or possibly an offer.

These are just a few tips I try to use in any interview that I head into or conduct.


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