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10 Car buying tips from a car guys wife

So, being a car guys wife you get a little insight on the car buying process. There is a lot to buying a car and I know EVERYONE dreads buying a car. I thought I would put together a list to not only save time at a dealership but help the buying process go smoothly.

Here are my car buying tips. 

  1. Do not go to a dealership an hour to 30 minutes before they close. Buying a car takes more time than an hour. You have the test drive then the negotiations and of course finance.  Arriving this late to a dealership is only keeping the guys that work there which tends to be long hours away from their families and it doesn’t result in a “better” deal.
  2. Be aware that a used car which may be at your price point, but has high mileage and older will come with a higher interest rate. Banks tend to have higher interest rates on vehicles that do not have an ideal loan to value. Higher interest rate = Higher payment.
  3. Know your price point. Know your credit score and know what is in your budget it will save time.
  4. Do not go in asking for a free car. They can’t do it. They are a business everyone has to be able to make money at the end of the day.
  5. Dealership guys are not always the typical “car salesman” that you see on T.V.  They are real people with families to provide for.
  6. They want to help you find a car that will make you happy. Just like anything else they love being able to help a family find the perfect vehicle. Car buying can be such an exciting moment.
  7. Deals are usually better at the end of the month. Sometimes this can also mean at the beginning of the month. End of month in the dealership world sometimes can be after the first few days of a month just depending on where month end falls.
  8. Dealership rebates help! Look at what the dealership is offering sometimes its an aggressive lease or buying new. Check those out they can save a lot on a purchase.
  9. Be aware of what you want when you head into a dealership.  Save yourself time and the sales person time.
  10. Be completely honest with yourself before you head to the dealership of what you can afford and cannot afford.

From listening to all the car buying tips from my husband and also purchasing over 15 cars these are the tips that I believe will help the next time you head in to buy a car! If your an Arizona local feel free to reach out to me. There is a Mommin Like Whoa follower discount from local dealers!

Email: momminlikewhoa@gmail.com

  • This post is not sponsor however the blog does have a relationship with dealers due to well my husband.

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