A Car Guy

Who hates dealing with car sales men? Who thinks that they are horrible?! That was my impression too. Car guys so not have the best image. However, the nicest people you will meet work for a car dealership in my experience. My husband is a car guy. Some people don’t even know what this means and I didn’t even know either. Car guy is a guy who works at a dealership and spends more time at work than at home. I’m not meaning like maybe 50 – 60 hours at work a week I mean a lot of hours at work closer to 80 hour work weeks. In Arizona, they work 6 days a week and usually have 6 days off in a month. So.. as you can imagine I’m usually pulling the mom and dad shift alone. It doesn’t bother me but sometimes I’m exhausted. Its kind of being a single mother even though I’m really not. I’m not quiet sure how actual single mothers handle it all on their own! I completely give kudos to those mother that are a single mother.

He sometimes will leave the house at 7 and not come home till midnight and that’s just how it goes. There are days where the girls just do not get to see him at all because they are sleeping while hes home for the short few hours. It isn’t that extreme every day there are days where its slow. However, it is extremely rare. One of the hardest parts of having a spouse that does work as much as he does it gets a lonely. When there is birthday parties or family gatherings no one even asks anymore they know hes at work. That part is tough. Its also tough to explain well hes off every Tuesday and that’s when we are free to get together. I have a few groups I volunteer for and they sometimes want meetings kid free. Well, unfortunately I do have have many people I can have help with the girls when a normal husband would be home.

So, the next time you have to buy a car just know that those guys have families too! They are the nicest people and that dealership is together more then they are with their own families. Here’s my tip from a car guys wife. Do not go to a dealership 30 minutes before they close. No car buying can happen in 30 minutes. I would suggest to go few hours before they close and that way you are not at the dealership late. I was dropping off food to my husband after he had been at the dealership since 7 am and it was now 11 pm and they still had customers driving up to purchase a car. He didn’t get home till 3 am that morning and had to be back up at 7 am again. The amount of dedicated hours is insane.

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