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Numbers Nerd.

I wanted to share that I’m a numbers nerd. I’m an Accountant working on becoming a CPA. However, in the meantime I’m a stay at home mom. I love being home with my kiddos but my nerd side is missing the numbers world. Anyways. I wanted to offer some insight to others that maybe are so numbers savvy. To start off feel free to spam me with questions. I would love to help anyone with budgeting issues or tax questions. Plus it will keep me on my toes and practicing. I have had many people ask me why I choose accounting. Truth is… Accounting chose me… I was taking business courses because I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. One of my professors and still to this day I’m not totally sure why. Looked at me and said… You need to be an Accountant. Then he drew me out a map on how accountants were superior to other business fields and pretty much sold me in the idea. Well, I ran with it and even ended up working in corporate accounting while finishing my bachelors. I found a love for numbers. I love excel and being able to have clean and organized sheets of data. It literally makes me happy. Which is a little odd I know… But like I said I’m a numbers nerd…. All. The. Way…

In fact, I have this off the wall story about my reasoning to be an accountant. So, I was getting off work for the day and it was a day where I did not have to run to school. This was usually Fridays. I took the city bus for business workers because driving in rush hour and trying to park downtown is a nightmare. Well, there was this older woman on the bus that sat next to me. She engaged in conversation with me. It was the normal how was your day etc. Well, out of the blue she starts explaining how accounting is such a good career. Its a field that has so many options and will always be growing. She went into such detail all while I never prompted the conversation or even said I was going to school to be an accountant. She just kept talking about the opportunities. The even more odd part I was contemplating at the time switching my major… That was due to how hard the accounting classes were. I was pushing through and felt like I could do better at well anything else. My boss at the time worked for a big 4 firm. She wanted me to live, breathe and die at work. She knew I was a college student and she had a team of accountants. However, they just couldn’t get the job done like I could. I would be up till 2 am sending emails working on projects all while trying to study for a test the next day. I literally thought to myself I cannot do this. I need a break. Anyways. That’s where this random old woman came into play.

I was going to give up. I was completely done. I was tired. After our conversation I knew I had to push through. I did push through and succeeded. The weird part about this old woman was that the next time she saw me on the bus. She didn’t recognize me. She acted as if we never had a long 30 minute conversation together. It was the weirdest thing and she wasn’t like in her 90s she should have been able to remember me. I even tried to say hi and she looked at me like I was crazy.

Interesting how things work out the way they do….

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