Going to the Chapel and we’re…

Did anyone else do things a little unconventional? I think I have done everything completely backwards. Which is not always a bad thing, right? Here’s a little bit of our story. We met the day I bought my car. He was my sales man. How funny, I know! So, right after I bought my car he sent flowers to my work. At first, I was thinking that’s a little interesting. However, we became best friends. We would talk all night long. We would hang out and watch The Office into the morning hours. He was always so respectful and it was nothing more than two friends. So, that lasted for about two years. Something changed between us and we went for it. When we went for it that meant we really jumped in. In about six months we had put a deposit down on our new build home and just jumped right in. After a year of living together we were ready to start planning on a family. I was always told since I had been on birth control for several years it would take a long time to get pregnant. We decided that we would start trying and knowing that it could take a few years to get pregnant. Well, within a few months of trying I was pregnant. This started everything. This changed everything for us. I’m not sure that we were completely ready but we were so excited. We had our beautiful daughter and when she was 9 months old we were surprised with baby number 2! There wasn’t much time for us to get married. So, now that our daughters are 2 and 9 months old we are ready to say I do! Completely backwards. We had a home then kids and now getting married. I think that as long as you’re happy do it in whatever fashion works for your family. I will do a post on the grand total for the wedding which some of you might be surprised! Keep an eye out.



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