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Two Under Two- Disneyland

It can be done! Don’t stress. Don’t think to yourself there is no way I can manage it. Yes you can! Plus the kiddos are free until the are two. So.. there’s that right? I’m going to break down how we survived Disney.

  1. Make sure when you choose to go its not too hot in California. Overcast days are perfect. The sun isn’t beating down and if your lucky there is a nice cool breeze.
  2. Look for the days that Disney has discounted tickets. Yes, its only a few dollars but those days its usually not as busy as the other days. You want to go on the light blue days which are the “value” days. Link below. 20170517_102110
  3. Baby wear. It is so much easier to get on and off the rides if you wear the baby. If your baby is like mine she loved all the extra cuddles and took a few naps along the way. If you go and its cold out I wore my Ergo and had the baby facing me. I wore a bigger but snug jacket and was able to tuck her feet in so the stayed warm.
  4. Sunblock, hats and water. Even if its not hot and overcast that sun is still out. So be prepared to make sure your little one is protected.
  5. Make sure you have a full phone battery! While in line entertain the one year old with funny face pictures. Plus you’ll get to look back at the memories of being in line.
  6. Do not bring your stroller…. buy a cheap fold-able stroller. I got mine at Walmart. It was easy for the trolley and my daughter loved it because it was “The Mouse”.
  7. Back pack- Have dad carry one and fill it with everything you’ll need for the day. You can take the back pack on rides with you.
  8. Know where the nursing rooms are. Disneyland has one behind the hot dog stand and one in California Adventure by the entrance to the food area.  These are equipped with nursing or pumping areas, mini toilets, clean changing tables (with paper to place down and throw away), high chairs too and an area for the kiddos to get out energy. The have diapers you can purchase along with most baby items and its not too expensive. 20170517_135347
  9. You will end up with a bubble wand. Probably the best purchase at Disney, it was only $20 and had a memorable song with lights.
  10. If the hubby loves rides. Find the single rider ones. Splash mountain is one and its located near the Winnie the Pooh rides and gift shop.

Disneyland is such a memorable place for the family. I enjoyed every minute of it. Its not about how many rides you can get on, when you have little ones but its about seeing the look on their face when they see all their favorite characters. In fact, within minutes of entering the park Averie was front and center to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck  and Pluto. We stayed watched and listened to the band. It was unbelievable a special moment. I hope this encourages you to travel and get outside and enjoy some family time.

Link for Disneyland’s Calendar:Disney Calendar

Link for Stroller: Disney Stroller


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