2017 Mom vibes · Real life right here

What kind of mom are you?

I hear this debate all the time and moms giving “that look”. Seriously, please stop. If you’re one of these moms that gets in the debate of working or staying at home is better or one is more work. Just stop! Each one is hard work no matter what you do! I have done both and I don’t think one is easier. I actually prefer being at work because you get to be an adult. In my opinion working is a lot easier than being at home. When your home you have to find things to keep you busy and your day never ends. When its 10 at night or 10 in the morning you are still working. I’m not taking away from the working mom either. But this whole debate of who has it worse or who does more, is just silly. We all get the job done and being a mom is hard no matter how you are doing it. You are enough and you are amazing. Stop judging other moms they are just getting by just like you! We all have no idea really what we are doing, we are just doing it. Right? So whether you stay home or work. I want to tell you that you are killing it! You’re doing great. I hope this uplifts you and helps with the mom guilt. If you need an ear or shoulder I’m hear mama’s.




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