2017 Mom vibes · Real life right here

Alone time? What’s that?

I had a friend ask me, “how do you get alone time with your spouse?”. I kind of laughed a little bit. I can understand why many people would wonder how exactly you get some alone time with kids and kids that bed share/co sleep/ whatever you want to call it. We have our daughters in bed with us at night. They sleep better and we sleep better knowing that they are close. Every time they have a night terror or just need extra cuddles we are right there. Yes, I know its very controversial but it works for our family. When I was asked about how we get alone time to ourselves I had to think for a minute. Oh… right… most couples have “alone time” in their own bed. Well, we don’t… when we have our “alone time” its usually in the spare bedroom when the kids are asleep. I do take our four month old and I put her in a pack and play or somewhere where her sister can’t grab her. When I started to think about how our alone time is kind of complicated it made me giggle. I wouldn’t change it one bit but yes its not easy when you bed share. The kids come first and its nothing like it was before we had kids now were back to sneaking around and making sure we don’t wake anyone up. However, in a way its fun and a little bit hilarious at the same time. So I’m going to ask, How do you have “alone time”?




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