2017 Mom vibes

I knew she didn’t belong here.

     Those big brown eyes staring at me I knew she didn’t belong here. We were only there to look, considering we already had a full house on our hands and there was no way we could take on any more responsibilities. However, I’m (soon to be married) to a man that has probably the biggest heart I have ever seen. So, we ask the caregiver that we would like to see this brown eyed beauty. We can tell she’s excited but she’s holding her composure very well. We walk her out to the field and I ask her to sit by me while the caregiver explains that she is a one year old and that she has been in this pound for quite some time. As I look over at Josh then down at this little girl it just doesn’t seem right. Something is off.

She turns and looks up at me like ok I’ve been sitting here, now what are we doing to do. I ask her to stay and she does, as I went out to find a ball. She sees the ball a light sparks in her eyes and she is excited. Within minutes this one year old pup went from listening to simple commands to knowing how to lay down, roll over, fetch a ball and even wait for you to tell her to grab the ball. Her athletic ability was impeccable. She never missed catching the ball in her mouth. I go back over to the caregiver and she’s astonished. She had not idea the “dog” knew any tricks. She runs back into the office to run the paperwork again. When she comes out she explains that there must have been an error the “dog” (a beautiful rottweiler) is 5 years old and has been returned to the pound twice. Looking down at her and knowing it would be quite hard to keep her with the hectic household I already had. Josh and I looked at each other and we both knew we couldn’t leave her at the county pound.

When we got home, we tried really hard to make it work and she adjusted well to the other pups she tried really hard to keep us happy and I could see it. I knew living the life we could give her wasn’t fair to her. Someone put so much work into her just to give her up my heart broken for her. We loved her as much as we could with the full house we had. This full house was a 6 month old that was still in a walker, a mastiff and a mix pup. We lasted about 3 months then everything started to change. I found out I was pregnant with another bundle of joy and the rottweiler we had named Kaya started to get more aggressive with the other dogs then she started to growl at the baby. Something was off. The one scenario I did not want to happen was happening. So, I had to talk to Josh he hated the idea of re homing her. He loved her he wanted to keep her and figure it out. My gut said no she doesn’t deserve to be constantly told “no” it’s not her fault she wasn’t raised around kids.

In fact, I started reaching out on every site I could think of and every rescue/ no kill shelter. No one wanted a dog that had aggression towards kids. She needed a family with older kids and no dogs. The pound was not an option. The pound is never an option. I reached out to a family and we got lucky. This wonderful lady all in a few months had lost both of her elderly dogs due to their age and her mother. This amazing lady was not only missing her mother but her best friends that she had for years. She had older boys that were in high school and she was interested in Kaya. We met at a park and as I introduced them and I looked down at Kaya, tears were rolling down her snout she knew this all too well she knew she wasn’t going to come home with me. I knew this was for the best though. Josh could not be there to say good bye and apart of me is glad he wasn’t able to make it…

             It was hard and sad to give something up but deep down when you know you’re doing it for the right reasons. Kaya is now in a home that she never gets kenneled in. She roams freely she has access to a pool that she swims in on a daily basis in the summer time. She goes hiking, camping, and the river on a weekly basis. She found her family. I don’t think that we were ever meant to keep Kaya but we were supposed to help her find the family that needed her as much as she needed them. Re homing isn’t a dirty word sometimes it just doesn’t work out no matter how much you want it to. You have to be able to let go for the best. Even if that means you’re going to hurt for a little while that rottweiler was saved from being put down and now has a family that wouldn’t know what to do without her.

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