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A little bit about me

I wanted to use my first post as an introduction to my crazy life right now. I’m currently a mother of two. My daughters are 17 months apart my youngest right now is 3 months old. I have my hands full and I’m figuring it all out as I go, nothing about being a mother is perfect. Motherhood is keeping your cool and moving forward no matter what goes on. I’m going to share my life with you and hopefully my struggles and tricks I’ve learned along the way can help you out. This is not an easy job, so I will stay true to showing you, what I came to realize with motherhood. I’m not married. Its backwards and not traditional. I’m making up my own traditions as I go. You’ll eventually find out why we didn’t get married. My significant other works more than I’d like him to. I’m not a single mother but I’m usually attacking parenthood alone. He works 18 hour days and only gets 6 days off a month. Vacation time just about never happens but its apart of the gig. When I had my second daughter he had off two days then was back at work. I know working that much is tiresome but I’m usually not getting much of a break at home. This is why I I will be sharing my craziness.

I’m an ASU graduate with two bachelor degrees, one is in Business Arts and the other is Business Science. When I found out I was pregnant, I currently had a full time job and was also finishing school full time. I literally got home slept woke up and started working. That was my life. I was always pushing to get farther and farther. I would be up till 2 or 3 am working on projects for work and prepping for an exam. I have no idea how I managed all of it. Somehow, I did and I was doing decent at both. When I found out I was pregnant I was almost completely done with my first trimester. I had been so busy and running non stop I didn’t even notice my own body was trying to tell me something was going on. I finally took a break a week before Thanksgiving and realized how sick I really was. It felt like I got ran into by a bus. My entire body was achy and I felt like I had been hit with the flu however, it would only be in the mornings then by the afternoon I was fine and ready to go. I ended up grabbing a test and feeling completely scared. I was not ready to be a mother there was so much I had not finished. How was I going to keep it all together.. How was I going to tell him that we were going to have a baby… Was he ready? He had warned me many times to not get pregnant but this time would he be excited? This was the start of my journey. There are twists turns and sometimes a complete roller coaster of motherhood. Follow me as I share my story along with what I am currently accomplishing.

2 thoughts on “A little bit about me

  1. Wow!!! Your a super busy momma! Great post! Parenting is definitely challenging, with two boys 10 and 5, I have learned it doesn’t get easier either. However, it’s worth it! My boys are the best part of my everyday.


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